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Security not just a receiver problem: NTP attacks on time servers Posted on 21 Sep 2016 in the Latest News categories.

NTP attacks on time servers and other vital topics will be explored in GPS World‘s Sept. 22 “GPS/GNSS and Cybersecurity” webinar, sponsored by Microsemi. Sign up now for free attendance... Read more»

Launchpad: Time and frequency server accurate in all conditions Posted on 21 Sep 2016 in the Defense & Product Showcase & UAV/UGV categories.

The VersaSync is a new generation time and frequency server from Spectracom. The high-performance GNSS master clock and network time server delivers accurate, software-configurable time and frequency signals in all... Read more»

Launchpad: Improved OEM boards from Hemisphere GNSS Posted on 20 Sep 2016 in the OEM & Product Showcase categories.

Latest additions to the Eclipse line The P326 and P327 support 394 channels and are scalable, offering centimeter-level accuracy in single-frequency or full performance multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, Atlas-capable mode. The platform... Read more»

DT Research delivers rugged tablets purpose-built for industry Posted on 19 Sep 2016 in the Defense & Latest News & Mapping & Survey categories.

DT Research has released the DT395CR and DT395GS rugged tablets. While designed for field professionals, the tablets cost less than consumer-grade tablets over the lifetime of the product, DT Research said. Both DT395 tablets are highly... Read more»

Launchpad: Simulate signals from GNS, regional navigation Posted on 18 Sep 2016 in the OEM & Product Showcase categories.

Constellation Simulator Simulate signals from all GNSS and regional navigation The Spirent GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator can simulate signals from all GNSS and regional navigation. It offers a... Read more»

Google rolls out emergency service Posted on 17 Sep 2016 in the Latest News & Mobile categories.

With more than 70 percent of calls to emergency services coming from mobile phones, getting necessary help — fast — to the caller can be challenging if they don’t know... Read more»

NovAtel announces VEXXIS family of GNSS antennas Posted on 16 Sep 2016 in the Latest News & Machine Control/Ag categories.

NovAtel has introduced its new VEXXIS series of GNSS antennas. NovAtel made the announcement at ION GNSS+, which is being held this week in Portland, Oregon. The VEXXIS series includes... Read more»

Launchpad: Positioning engine incorporates TerraStar correction data Posted on 16 Sep 2016 in the OEM & Product Showcase categories.

NovAtel CORRECT is the core positioning engine on NovAtel GNSS receivers, incorporating corrections from a variety of sources to provide the position solution suitable for a variety of applications. NovAtel... Read more»