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A Mass-Market Galileo Receiver Posted on 01 Apr 2014 in the Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Galileo & Receiver Design categories.

Its Algorithms and Performance
The authors test three mass-market design drivers on a chip developed expressly for a new role as a combined GPS and Galileo consumer receiver: the time-to-first-fix for different C/N0, for hot, warm, and cold start, and for different constellation combinations. Read more»

Vector Signal Generator Covers BeiDou Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Product Showcase & Simulators & Tools categories.

The R&S SMBV100A vector signal generator can generate Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS signals for up to 24 satellites in real time. With the SMBV-K107 option, the simulator covers the BeiDou... Read more»

Report Focuses on Global Military GNSS Market Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Defense News & Latest News & OEM News categories.

A new defense market report from Strategic Defence Intelligence has been released. “The Global Military GPS/GNSS Market 2013-2023 – SWOT Analysis: Market Profile“ provides readers with an exhaustive analysis of... Read more»

Trax Personal Tracker Integrates u-blox GNSS and Cellular Technologies Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Latest News & Maps & Services & Mobile Devices & OEM News & Personal Tracking & Product Showcase categories.

Swedish WTS (Wonder Technology Solutions) and u-blox have announced that WTS has launched Trax, a personal tracking device for children and pets. Based on u-blox’ GNSS smart antenna and cellular... Read more»

Alps Electric Develops Multi-GNSS Module for Automotive Use Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Automotive & Latest News & OEM News & Product Showcase & Road & Transportation News categories.

Alps Electric has developed the UMSZ2 Series multi-GNSS module for automotive use, providing support for multiple satellite positioning systems with a single module. Samples will be made available starting in... Read more»

Spirent Launches Advanced Simulator for Multi-GNSS Testing Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & OEM News & Product Showcase & Simulators & Tools categories.

Spirent Communications, provider of testing solutions for positioning and navigations systems, has introduced the Spirent GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator. The GSS9000 offers a new benchmark in performance, capability... Read more»

Synergies between Europe’s Rail and SatNav Programs Can Make Rail Travel Affordable Posted on 28 Mar 2014 in the Galileo & Latest News & Rail & Transportation & Uncategorized categories.

Cost-effective synergies between the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and satellite technologies such as Galileo can make rail transport more efficient and reliable, agreed European authorities in February at... Read more»

Galileo Countdown to 10 by Year’s End Posted on 26 Mar 2014 in the Uncategorized categories.

Signs Point Toward Early Services in December, If ESA Delivers A February conference on the European Union’s space policy in Brussels sought to set a course for 2020 and close... Read more»