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Shareholders of Avago approve merger With Broadcom Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the Latest News & OEM categories.

Avago Technologies Ltd. will move ahead with its merger with Broadcom Corporation, following a shareholder meeting Nov. 10 where shareholders overwhelmingly approved the business transaction. Avago and Broadcom announced their... Read more»

Esri story map considers Katrina 10 years later Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the Latest News & Survey categories.

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans, causing devastating damage and loss of life. A new Esri story map, “Katrina +10: A Decade of Change in... Read more»

GNSS monitoring scrapes the sky Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the Featured Stories & Survey categories.

High-Rises in South Korea, Manhattan Built Straight
The supertall skyscraper Lotte World Tower — so far built to the 103rd of 123 total floors in Seoul, South Korea — is using GNSS to measure the impact of lateral forces on its vertical alignment. Read more»

Mapping with Bluetooth Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the Mapping & Product Showcase & Survey categories.

BlueStarGPS offers both GPS and GNSS options in a rugged, lightweight package. The BlueStarGPS device was designed to meet sub-meter mapping and data collection needs in the pipeline and utility... Read more»

CHC Navigation launches iOS-ready L1 receiver Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the Latest News & Product Showcase & Survey categories.

The X20i L1 GPS receiver by CHC Navigation is powered by a high-precision L1 GPS engine. Its integrated Bluetooth chip enables it to wirelessly collect submeter positions in real­ time... Read more»

UAV real-time: Data use in a lightweight direct georeferencing system Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the From the Magazine & UAV/UGV categories.

By Christian Eling, Lasse Klingbeil, Markus Wieland, Erik Heinz and Heiner Kuhlmann Direct georeferencing with onboard sensors is less time-consuming for data processing than indirect georeferencing using ground control points,... Read more»

Research Online: Positioning with LTE signals Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the From the Magazine & GNSS & Mobile categories.

Positioning with LTE Signals An alternative to GNSS in urban canyons can be provided by signals from cellular base stations, particularly new signals from long-term evolution (LTE) networks, since LTE... Read more»

Launchpad: IoT chip, simulators, threat detector Posted on 12 Nov 2015 in the From the Magazine & OEM & Product Showcase & Survey categories.

Featuring new products in the OEM, survey, mapping and unmanned aerial vehicle sectors. Read more»