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Antenova Shows GNSS Antenna Integration for Telematics at CTIA Posted on 08 Sep 2015 in the Design & Test & Latest News & Mobile & Transportation categories.

Antenova Ltd., manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, has built a model design for on-board devices (OBD) and vehicle telematics, which the... Read more»

Calgary Company Switches from GPS Handhelds to TerraGo Posted on 08 Sep 2015 in the Latest News & Survey categories.

Enmapp, a pipeline services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has replaced its proprietary GPS handhelds with TerraGo Edge and Eos Arrow receivers. TerraGo Edge is a mobile GPS data... Read more»

Galileo 9 and 10 in the Zone for This Week’s Launch Posted on 08 Sep 2015 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

Galileo 9 and 10 are ready for launch atop a Soyuz rocket at 23:08 local time on Sept. 10 (02:08 GMT and 04:08 CEST on Sept. 11) from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.... Read more»

McMurdo Introduces Next-Gen Software for Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue Posted on 04 Sep 2015 in the Featured Stories & Latest News categories.

McMurdo has introduced PRISMA MCCNet, a new software solution with several new features to improve the Cospas-Sarsat satellite-aided search and rescue process, and for use in the future MEOSAR system. The software, which is part... Read more»

YellowScan Lidar for UAVs Aided by Inertial Nav, GPS RTK Posted on 04 Sep 2015 in the Design & Test & Latest News & UAV/UGV categories.

SBG Systems joins YellowScan to present a lightweight lidar with inertial and GPS for UAVs. The new product will be presented at the INTERGEO trade show in Stuttgart, held Sept. 15-17. The... Read more»

Innovation: Getting There by Tuning In Posted on 04 Sep 2015 in the Design & Test & From the Magazine & Innovation categories.

Using HD Radio Signals for Navigation By Ananta Vidyarthi, H. Howard Fan and Stewart DeVilbiss THE YEAR WAS 1906. On Christmas Eve of that year, Canadian inventor Reginald Fessenden carried... Read more»

Receiver Design for the Future: Webinar Q&A Posted on 03 Sep 2015 in the Design & Test categories.

The September article Receiver Design for the Future is based on a GPS World webinar, which sprang from a presentation at the Stanford PNT Symposium. Listener questions and Greg Turetzky’s answers... Read more»

Receiver Design for the Future Posted on 03 Sep 2015 in the Design & Test & From the Magazine categories.

How the Internet of Things Now Drives Location Technology
The number of devices connecting to the Internet is growing fast. The applications running on them require location context to determine the most likely use case. These devices need continuous location — not necessarily noticed or activated by the user, but always on. The specification that becomes important is energy per day: the device must maintain its location without draining its battery — and increase location availability indoors. That creates new design requirements for hybrid capability. Read more»