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Peter B. de Selding is the Paris Bureau Chief for SpaceNews. He is responsible for coverage of all European military, civil and commercial space programs for Space News and spacenews.com and also covers international regulatory organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union.

He earned a B.A. in political science at Washington College and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism and studied German at the German Language Institute in Berlin.

Posts by Peter de Selding

Occupy Media Space Now EGNOS and Galileo Mission Posted on 29 Jun 2014 in the Opinions & Transportation categories.

By Peter de Selding The message to the recent European Space Solutions conference in Prague was simple enough: EGNOS is here, so let’s use it; Galileo is almost here, so... Read more»

Squeeze at the Launchpad for Galileo Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in the Opinions categories.

With the first two full-operational-capability (FOC) Galileo satellites successfully through their thermal-vacuum tests, the program’s next hurdle is securing a firm launch date in June aboard a Europeanized Russian Soyuz... Read more»