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Eric Gakstatter has been involved in the GPS/GNSS industry for more than 20 years. For 10 years, he held several product management positions in the GPS/GNSS industry, managing the development of several medium- and high-precision GNSS products along with associated data-collection and post-processing software.

Since 2000, he's been a power user of GPS/GNSS technology as well as consulted with capital management companies; federal, state and local government agencies; and private companies on the application and/or development of GPS technology. Since 2006, he's been a contributing editor to GPS World magazine,writing a monthly newsletter on high-precision GPS/GNSS
technology. He is also editor of Geospatial Solutions, a weekly newsletter focused on geospatial technologies.

Posts by Eric Gakstatter

FAA Issues First Commercial UAS Authorization over Land Posted on 02 Jul 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene & UAV/UAS/UGV categories.

Like it or not, as a person who works with geospatial data, UAS (unmanned aerial systems such as drones and UAVs) are in your future. The upside of said technology for “quick... Read more»

Intel’s Mini-PC: A Cheap Server for an RTK Base Posted on 23 Jun 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

I’ve written this many, many times in the past eight years that I’ve written for GPS World magazine, but I have to write it again — this is an exciting... Read more»

New Signals, New Launches, and Faulty GPS Receivers Posted on 22 May 2014 in the Featured Stories & Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

There has been a lot of GNSS-related news in the past month, so I thought I’d do a quick review of the top stories, including L2C and L5 CNAV messages, launch of a new GPS IIF satellite, and Russian threats to disrupt GPS. Read more»

RTK on a Smartphone Running AutoCAD: I Did It Last Week Posted on 10 Apr 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey & Survey Scene categories.

Last week was spring break (for high school and college) for my kids. We decided to drive to San Francisco and the surrounding area to do a little sightseeing. It’s... Read more»

Do You Know OPUS Can Do This? Posted on 07 Mar 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

I recently was involved in a project outside of the United States. Part of the project involved setting up a couple of RTK base stations. Of course, I wanted the... Read more»

Centimeter-Level RTK Accuracy More and More Available — for Less and Less Posted on 04 Feb 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

Last month, I started off 2014 with a bang by listing all the public RTK bases available in the United States, most of them being free. I received a lot... Read more»

Finally, A List of Public RTK Base Stations in the U.S. Posted on 07 Jan 2014 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

First of all, let me wish a Happy New Year to all my friends around the world and a prosperous 2014. I’m as excited as I’ve ever been about GNSS... Read more»

Reflecting on 2013, from Your Perspective Posted on 05 Dec 2013 in the Newsletter Editorials & Survey Scene categories.

As the end of the year approaches, I'd like to reflect on 2013. One of the new features of the GPS World website allows me to access webpage statistics so I can understand which articles and news items were “hot.” Following is a list of GPS World magazine's hot topics for 2013 with some commentary from me. Read more»