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Don Jewell served 30 years in the United States Air Force, as an aviator and a space subject-matter expert. Don’s involvement with GPS and other critical space systems began with their inception, either as a test system evaluator or user. He served two command assignments at Schriever AFB, the home of GPS, and retired as Deputy Chief Scientist for Air Force Space Command. Don also served as a Politico Military Affairs Officer during the Reagan administration, working with 32 foreign embassies and serving as a Foreign Disclosure Officer making critical export control decisions concerning sophisticated military hardware and software.

After retiring from the USAF, Don served seven years as the senior space marketer and subject-matter expert for two of the largest government contractors dealing in space software and hardware.

Don currently serves on two independent GPS review teams he helped found, and on three independent assessment teams at the Institute for Defense Analyses, dealing with critical issues for the U.S. government. Don has served on numerous Air Force and Defense Scientific Advisory Boards. He writes and speaks extensively on technical issues concerning the U.S. government. Don earned his Bachelor’s degree and MBA; the Ph.D. is in progress.

Posts by Don Jewell

Protect, Toughen, Augment: Words to the Wise from GPS Founder Posted on 15 Apr 2014 in the Defense & Featured Stories & GNSS & Government & GPS Modernization & Latest News & The System categories.

“What can we do to reduce the vulnerability [of GPS] and ensure that the expectations of the public are going to be met?” asked Dr. Bradford Parkinson as he opened... Read more»

The Adventure of the Atomic Clock Posted on 09 Apr 2014 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials categories.

In consulting my notebooks for the spring of 2014, I find many remarkable cases that engaged the attention of my intimate friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The intrigue into which we were drawn by the visiting American, Geo. P. Hess, probed the unforeseen effects of a launchpad fire, the mysterious slide to the right of two system segments, and the enigma of the vanishing leaders. Read more»

ANGELS, GSSAP, CNAV, and GPS: Guidance From Above Posted on 13 Mar 2014 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials categories.

Wow, what a bevy of acronyms. If you already know what they mean, great. If you don’t, just hang in and all will be made clear. E. L. Doctorow once... Read more»

The Gold Standard: What’s in a Name? Posted on 12 Feb 2014 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & GNSS Opinions & Newsletter Editorials categories.

Our esteemed editor-in-chief and publisher at GPS World, Alan Cameron, penned an editorial in January concerning claims made by the People’s Republic of China regarding the Gold Standard for PNT... Read more»

Review: Putting the Mountain-Tough Yuma 2 through Its Paces Posted on 08 Jan 2014 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials & Product Showcase categories.

My original review of the first Yuma rugged tablet from Trimble MCS (Mobile Computing Solutions) was penned in August of 2011. My original plan was to have the review of the new Yuma 2 ready to go exactly two years later. But, as we all know, man plans and God laughs. Actually, the problem, I must admit, is a bit more personal in nature; you see, I have been enjoying the Yuma 2 to such a degree that it was difficult to write about it because then I have to send it back. I have been selfish too long — read on for the review of the new Trimble Yuma 2 rugged tablet computer that is perfect for fieldwork, especially fieldwork involving GPS and GIS applications. Read more»

Gordon’s Positioning System, Circa 1970 Posted on 10 Dec 2013 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials categories.

One of my oldest and best friends died today – and he was just a kid, only 62. In the prime of his life, and yet I know he led a very full life and had no regrets when he passed on to that highway in the sky — somewhere where he will hopefully not have to ask directions, because neither one of us was very good at that. Indeed, in our youth, both Gordy and I were GPS-challenged long before GPS was a gleam in Dr. Parkinson’s eye. Read more»

Ubiquitous PNT and Sequestration: The World Runs on GPS Time Posted on 18 Nov 2013 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials categories.

A couple of years ago, wearing a different hat, I found myself on a guided tour of a key military C2 (Command and Control center) that was about as big... Read more»

Decisions, Decisions: GeoGathering and ION GNSS Posted on 09 Oct 2013 in the Defense PNT Newsletter & Newsletter Editorials categories.

Many may consider it a distinction without a difference, but quality matters, whether it concerns a life-changing decision or something as simple as which conference to attend. When resources are... Read more»