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Alan Cameron is editor-in-chief and publisher of GPS World magazine, where he has worked since 2000. He also writes the monthly GNSS System Design e-mail newsletter and the Wide Awake blog.

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Europe’s Spring Season for GNSS Posted on 26 Feb 2014 in the GNSS Opinions & Newsletter Editorials categories.

The hounds of spring are on winter’s traces. As Galileo emerges from its long, cold slumber, the energy of a new constellation radiates through the skies to encourage blossoms across... Read more»

Who Carries the Gold Standard Now? Posted on 28 Jan 2014 in the Featured Stories & GNSS Opinions & Newsletter Editorials categories.

China’s BeiDou system claimed a user range error (URE) of 2.5 meters zero age of data (ZAOD) 95% recently.  The parallel GPS specifications commit to 6 meters 95% ZAOD and... Read more»

The System: Two More Threes for Space Posted on 01 Jan 2014 in the Aviation & Space & Aviation & Space & Galileo & GPS Modernization & Public Safety & The System categories.

A December 12 contract modification provided Air Force funding to Lockheed Martin to complete the fifth and sixth GPS III space vehicles (SV 05-06). Lockheeed originally received funding to procure long-lead parts for satellites five through eight (SV 05-08) in February 2013. Read more»

A Glowing Report Doth Not a Golden Future Make Posted on 27 Nov 2013 in the GNSS & GNSS Opinions & Newsletter Editorials categories.

The tech press and broad public media have both made much ado about a November market report from the European GNSS Agency (GSA). Most accounts have focused on a GSA... Read more»

Out in Front: Above All, Leadership Posted on 25 Nov 2013 in the From the Editor categories.

Just took a stroll down memory lane, leafing through the pages of the December 2002 issue of this magazine. They contain predictive essays of that era — Directions 2003 — and a transcription of the panel discussion from the very first Leadership Dinner, then called the “GPS Summit.” I was there, running the door, riding the audio recorder, handing out bronze presenteaux (pictured here) to departing guests. Read more»

Out in Front: Tell the Truth, Now Posted on 28 Oct 2013 in the From the Editor categories.

Here are a few things about your colleagues that perhaps you did not know: they are a quite colorful, varied, and shall we even say motley crew. Hidden backgrounds came... Read more»

The System: Ground Control Readied for GPS III Posted on 01 Oct 2013 in the Galileo & GPS Modernization & The System categories.

Raytheon Company reached several milestones recently in its development of the GPS Next -Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX). Lockheed Martin’s GPS III Non-flight Satellite Testbed (GNST) — a full-sized,... Read more»

Out in Front: Virtuosos Posted on 01 Oct 2013 in the From the Editor categories.

An occasional reader of these pages forwarded a clipping from a summer Wall Street Journal, a book review of the new title, Curiosity: How Science Became Interested in Everything, by... Read more»