Topcon Releases High-Accuracy RTK system, HiPer SR

August 18, 2012 - By

Topcon Positioning Systems has unveiled the HiPer SR — an advanced GNSS RTK receiver that Topcon describes as having "the most compact and lightweight design of any fully integrated precision receiver — ever." read more

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Thoughts on GPS/GNSS from the CGSIC Meeting Held Earlier this Week

August 17, 2012 - By

I attended the CGSIC (Civil GPS Service Interface Committee) State and Local Government subcommittee meeting in Seattle earlier this week Following are some interesting observations you might be interested in. read more

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TomTom Business Solutions Debuts Software Alliance Program

August 16, 2012 - By

TomTom Business Solutions has launched the TomTom Software Alliance Program, a software integration, marketing, and sales program that delivers additional value to commercial fleets by integrating core TomTom fleet management technology with industry leading software, the company said. TomTom already has more than 100 industry leading software partners from the office automation, CRM, ERP, and Field Service Automation sectors as well as specialized industry software for towing, service, and transportation fleets. read more

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Tallysman Wireless Introduces Wideband, Low Cost GPS-L1/GLONASS Antenna

August 16, 2012 - By

Tallysman Wireless, Inc., has announced the latest addition of the TW4320/4322 to its line of antenna products. The TW4320/TW4322 antennas are small wide-band, high-performance antennas housed in a compact IP67 magnetic mount enclosure, with a three-meter cable and a wide range of connectors. “Most small low-cost GPS and GLONASS antenna have narrow-band patch elements tuned mid-way, but which are 2-dB... read more

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Walgreens Gets Mapped

August 15, 2012 - By

Walgreens, the largest U.S. drugstore chain, announced a partnership with in-store mapping and search startup aisle411. As a result of this partnership shoppers can use their iPhone or Android smartphones to view maps of any of the 7,907 Walgreens stores and locate products down to a particular section of each aisle. Walgreens is said to be the first U.S. national retailer with all of its stores mapped in a mobile application. read more

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Trimble Expands Positions Software to Streamline Esri Workflows

August 15, 2012 - By

Trimble has introduced the Trimble Positions Mobile extension, a streamlined choice for integrating Trimble’s GNSS professional field solutions and data verification into the Esri ArcGIS for Windows Mobile environment. read more

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TMW Systems Partners with FleetLocate to Provide an Integrated Approach to Trailer Utilization

August 15, 2012 - By

TMW Systems, provider of enterprise software to transportation and logistics companies, has announced a new partnership with Spireon. This partnership will provide for-hire carriers and private fleets with detailed information on trailer location, capacity, and trailer operations to improve utilization and compliance. The partnership provides pre-built integration between Spireon’s FleetLocate solution and TMW Systems’ TMW Suite and TMT Fleet Maintenance solutions. read more

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No Status Quo for GPS

August 15, 2012 - By

The huge white charger galloped into the clearing. The destrier slid to a stop, steam snorting from his nostrils, as he pranced to a huge oak tree where the four-star Templar Knight astride the magnificent equine posted an urgent message for all to see in status quo voluntas non sufficit. Checking his GPS, the knight charged off into the surrounding woods. Then I awoke, but remembered the quirky dream vividly. The Latin phrase, resurrected from torturous Latin courses more than 45 years ago, translates to, “The staus quo will no longer suffice,” a theme being pushed at Air Force Space Command and, indeed, throughout the space community and the entire DoD, for that matter. read more

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