Our Man in the Baltic: Report from the European Navigation Conference

April 25, 2012 - By

GDANSK, POLAND — Poland has emerged as a regional leader for Eastern Europe. Among all European countries, it ranks fourth in population and ninth in the size of its national economy. This year, the European Navigation Conference (ENC), which rotates each year to a different host country, has convened in Gdansk, Poland — its first time in Eastern Europe. read more

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TomTom Launches New Global Geocoding Web Service

April 25, 2012 - By

At the Geospatial World Forum, TomTom announced the launch of its high volume batch geocoding web service. The TomTom Global Geocoder enables businesses to process large amounts of data with a single click of a button and return results quickly. read more

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First Payload Ready for Next Batch of Galileo Satellites

April 19, 2012 - By

The first of 14 Galileo Full Operational Capability (FOC) navigation payloads has been shipped from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom to prime contractor OHB System AG in Bremen, Germany, according to the European Space Agency. The payload, which provides Galileo’s precision positioning measurements and services to users, will then be added to the waiting satellite platform. read more

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Stonewalling, Mapping, Google, and Fines

April 18, 2012 - By

After a long investigation, the FCC hit Google with a resoundingly soft penalty for stonewalling the FCC inquiry into its controversial street-mapping program. Google was picking up a payload of sensitive information from home wireless networks from 2007 through 2010. This included emails, passwords, and Internet usage history. The FCC declared that the data collection was technically legal because the information gathered was unencrypted. However, the FCC stated that, “for many months Google deliberately impeded and delayed the bureau’s investigation” and fined Google a paltry $25,000 for their behavior. read more

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Simulating the Future

April 17, 2012 - By

Speakers from several leading simulator companies will share their views on the importance and intricacies of simulator testing, in the increasingly complex environment of multiple modernized GNSS signals. The webinar "Simulating the Future: How to Cope with Expanding GNSS" is slated for Thursday, April 19, and will feature these guest speakers... read more

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Grand Setting for a Grand Summit

April 11, 2012 - By

Most of Munich is an ultra-modern German city, albeit one of the most expensive cities in Europe, where you can travel anywhere by tram, automobile, S-Bahn, rail or taxi. But why bother when you have the opportunity and thrill of walking through the old city center and have Bavarians greet you with "May God greet you" or "God bless­"? — what a way to say hello. That experience, which brings back fond memories — more on that in my main column — combined with the wonderful aromas from bakeries and early morning baristas hard at work, which are hard to pass by, made the short walk to the Residenz München seem all too short; and then you are there — greeted with the magnificence of the Munich Satellite Summit venue. read more

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Grüss Gott – Munich Satellite Summit

April 11, 2012 - By

There is a reason the Munich Satellite Summit is billed as a summit and not a symposium or conference. It’s a different atmosphere that invites group chats, informal get-togethers, and networking. One item of note that I came away with is that the Chinese are looking for help and partners for their PNT constellations, of which there appear to be three in the making. But asked point blank when they would finally release the full ICD specifications for receivers (a partial ICD has been released) the answer was the same as last year. They did not know when that might happen. It is hard to build receivers and support a specific program, much less three PNT constellations, when you don’t have the specifications. read more

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