GMV Tracks the First Galileo IOV Satellite

December 21, 2011 - By

GMV, one of the world’s leading companies in satellite navigation systems, announced the tracking of both data and pilot channels of Galileo first satellite signal with its own line of GNSS receiver products. The first two Galileo satellites were launched from Kouru Spaceport in French Guiana on October 21st and are now in in-orbit test campaign. The Galileo PRN 11 started transmitting the first navigation signal last Saturday. read more

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Freemium Model for in-Vehicle LBS

December 20, 2011 - By

Cloud-based infotainment, more tightly integrated apps, and more personalized offerings will change the in-vehicle mobile experience. Interfaces will morph towards combinations of heads-up displays and voice. These were some of the conclusions from my December 1 webinar “Car as a Mobile LBS Device,” with panelists from Ford, OnStar, Pioneer and TomTom. How in-vehicle apps will be monetized is an open question. When polled, almost half of the webinar audience believed a “freemium” model will prevail. Freemium models work by offering a product or service free of charge while charging a premium for advanced features. read more

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E1 and E5 Galileo IOV Signals: Report from U. Calgary

December 16, 2011 - By

This article gives a brief overview of the acquisition and tracking of Galileo IOV signals received from the GSAT0101 satellite on the morning of December 15. Researchers in the PLAN Group successfully recorded E1 and E5 data using a single dual-channel front-end and subsequently acquired and tracked E1 B/C, E5a and E5b signals using the PLAN Group GSNRx software GNSS receiver. read more

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ITT Exelis, Chronos Team on Offerings for Interference, Detection and Mitigation

December 15, 2011 - By

ITT Exelis and Chronos Technology Ltd. have agreed to jointly pursue and develop product offerings for the GNSS interference, detection and mitigation (IDM) market. Satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems are vulnerable to many factors, such as signals jamming, resulting in potentially devastating system failures. The collaboration between ITT Exelis and Chronos Technology will allow both companies to respond to the IDM market by offering a set of complementary products and solutions. read more

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E5 Aloft, Second Galileo Signal Transmitted

December 14, 2011 - By

The Galileo PFM IOV satellite (GSAT0101) began transmitting E5 signals early on December 14. It had already started airing E1 signals on December 10. read more

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Interview: 2nd Space Operations Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Jennifer Grant

December 14, 2011 - By

December is typically the month when writers of regularly featured columns wax nostalgic and engage in a certain amount of prognostication. This year I enlisted the help of Lt. Col. Jennifer Grant, the 2SOPS/CC at Schriever AFB, the home of GPS, to help us with our year-end review and crystal-ball gazing as we look ahead to the GPS horizon. Lt. Col. Grant reminisces about her first 16 months as 2SOPS/CC, reviews numerous major accomplishments, and updates us on the status of the GPS constellation as well as the often overlooked, ever contentious and always seemingly in flux critical Command and Control (C2) segment. read more

2011 Showed Better LBS Market Gains, But Was It All About Google?

December 14, 2011 - By

2011 was a decent year for the location-based services industry. It was an even better year if your company was lucky enough to get bought out by an eBay, Google or Intel. While acquisitions stood out as the key LBS news in 2011, privacy stood out as an ugly issue that threatened consumer acceptance. In addition, automobile manufacturers are viewing social media as a new profitable technology for vehicles and were trying to convince consumers that the connected vehicle is the way of the future. read more

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Galileo Broadcasting Satellite Identified

December 13, 2011 - By

The transmitting Galileo satellite is PFM, the ProtoFlight Model (GSAT0101). The FM2 (Flight Model 2) satellite (GSAT0102) has not yet started transmitting navigation signals. read more

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