On-Site Geo-Referencing of 3D Static Terrestrial Laser Scans

June 29, 2011 - By

By Jens-André Paffenholz This blog presents an efficient procedure for directly geo-referencing static 3D laser scans. This is a worthwhile way to obtain the required transformation parameters from the local sensor-defined coordinate system to a global system. Therefore, a multi-sensor systems (MSS) is designed with a phase-measuring laser scanner and 3D positional sensors (see Figure 1). By means of at least... read more

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LightSquared: High-Precision Receivers Are Collateral Damage

June 21, 2011 - By

Originally, the LightSquared/GPS Technical Working Group’s (TWG) report was due to the FCC on June 15. LightSquared requested from the FCC, and received, a two-week extension to submit their report. Three days later, LightSquared announced they found a solution to the GPS interference problem. Their proposed solution is not good news for the high-precision GPS user community. read more

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LightSquared Prospects; FCC Chair Wants Interference Cleared, Hits Back at GPS

June 14, 2011 - By

Concerns by government and the private sector about GPS interference from LightSquared’s proposed wholesale LTE service accelerates. Government experts just reported that interference with GPS occurred in high portions of LightSquared's spectrum bands and little in the lower spectrum. The National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board’s tests showed that some GPS receivers lost signal strength while others were fully disabled by LightSquared's signal. FCC Chairman Genachowski, under fire for granting LightSquared a conditional waiver, has reiterated that he will not permit LightSquared to begin commercial service without first resolving concerns about potential interference to GPS devices. read more

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LightSquared, FCC Rebuttals Distort Record

June 14, 2011 - By

A claim frequently made by LightSquared spokesperson Jeff Carlisle, and recently by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, that the GPS industry knew long ago about LightSquared’s plan for powerful terrestrial transmitters, would be a telling point — if it were true. But it is not. The verifiable fact is that the GPS industry knew about and agreed to a plan by a previous version of the company, for a different purpose, with a different business concept, and employing a completely different technological approach, one that would not have harmed GPS transmissions and disabled GPS users the way the current plan does. Calling the 2010 LightSquared plan the same as the 2003 Motient plan is running a wolf in sheep’s clothing. read more

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Does Automobile as Ultimate Mobile Device Include LBS?

June 9, 2011 - By

As touchscreens get larger in vehicles, so does the thought that location-based services should be included. At the Telematics Detroit 2011 conference, while most industry observers say that some sort of advertising will soon be in every vehicle, not everyone is sold on having advertising flashed to drivers as they go by a business. read more

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My 1967 Israeli GPS, Eyewitness to History

June 8, 2011 - By

The recent furor concerning President Obama telling Israel to withdraw to its 1967 pre-war boundaries brought back some vivid memories for me. I was there in Israel in 1967, coincidentally and thus unintentionally covering the Six-Day War for Radio Free Europe, along with several other genuinely surprised correspondents and journalists. We encountered many unusual situations and not a few difficulties, which I will relate shortly. In his Mideast statement, the President obviously misread his GPS (Geo-Political Situation) where Israel is concerned. He, along with his appointee at the Federal Communications Commission, also misreads the needs of this nation, and here I’m talking about the real GPS — the Global Positioning System. The two scenarios — Israel in 1967 and the United States today — are connected, and that connection has to do with GPS. I urge all my readers to take prompt action, as outlined at the end of this column. Believe me, it is in your own best interest. read more

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Innovation: MBOC Signal Options

June 1, 2011 - By

Performance of Multiplexed Binary Offset Carrier Modulations for Modernized GNSS Systems
A candidate for modernized GNSS civil signals in the L1/E1 band was BOC(1,1), a binary-offset-carrier signal with a "split spectrum" that has negligible impact on the existing GPS signals. However, a signal with better acquisition capabilities and improved multipath performance (while still compatible with the existing GPS signals) is a multiplexed BOC modulation, MBOC(6,1,1/11). The MBOC spectrum can be achieved by following one of several different signal-construction paths with some resulting differences in how a receiver tracks the signal and its associated performance. read more

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