On the Edge: Galileo to the Rescue

February 1, 2011 - By

mergency Alert: Bus collision in Berchtesgaden, parking area Salzbergwerk. Many injured. Bus overturned, some thrown from vehicle, some trapped inside. Local temperature below freezing, snow falling. All crews respond immediately.” 
 The alarm operations center for the state of Bavaria receives this message from the accident location, and swiftly moves into coordinating activity, gathering and distributing real-time geospatial data and other key information to all emergency teams and medical facilities in the area. read more

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Innovation: GNSS and the Ionosphere

February 1, 2011 - By

What’s in Store for the Next Solar Maximum?
Although the sun can become disturbed at any time, solar activity is correlated with the approximately 11-year cycle of spots on the sun’s surface. We are just coming out of a minimum in the solar cycle and headed for the next maximum, predicted to occur around the middle of 2013. How significantly will GNSS users be affected? In this month’s column, two ionosphere experts tell us what might be in store. read more

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Out in Front: Tech and Techer

February 1, 2011 - By

Can the development and use of smart technologies actually render us dumber? Have we already lost a mental step or two, as we equip ourselves fearlessly for the future? Marshall McLuhan, the “medium is the message” guy from back when, preached that tools numb whatever part of the body they amplify. By extrapolation, location-enabling tools render us less aware of our actual place. read more

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