Directions 2010: It’s the Economy, Stupid

December 15, 2009 - By

At the end of every year, I devote this column to Directions 2010 in which I discuss significant developments, trends, technologies, and companies in the GNSS industry. Two years ago, I wrote about the Year of the Who. Not GNSS technology; rather, the people and companies they run. Last year, I highlighted 2009 as being the Year of the Other GNSS. The little brother of GPS…GLONASS. read more

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The System: Galileo Removes Manufacturing Barrier

December 1, 2009 - By

With final satellite construction bids pending as this magazine goes to press, the Galileo program clarified a recent round of launch postponements and announced that the European Union (EU) will rescind its requirement for a special license to manufacture and sell Galileo receivers. “We have an ambition to become, after GPS, the second system of choice,” stated Paul Verhoef, program... read more

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