Out in Front: An SVN up for Grabs

November 1, 2009 - By

Wednesday evening, September 23, Savannah, Georgia, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., Session P2b — a date that will live in GPS history. The 400 to 600 of us who were there to witness it will never forget it. The SVN49 Review Panel. Unprecedented puts it mildly. read more

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Higher Timing Accuracy, Lower Cost

November 1, 2009 - By

Inside a typical GNSS receiver, the estimate of the error in the local oscillator is formed as a component of the navigation solution, which is in turn based on the output of each satellite-tracking channel propagating its estimate of carrier and code measurements to a common future point. But this method limits the resolution with which the noise of the local oscillator can be quantified. To bypass this shortcoming requires a method of coherently gathering information about the phase change in the local oscillator across all available satellite signals: to use the same samples simultaneously for all satellites in view to estimate the center-point phase error common across the visible constellation. We explore how. read more

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Innovation: Improving Dilution of Precision

November 1, 2009 - By

A Companion Measure of Systematic Effects
GPS receivers must deal with measurements and models that have some degree of error, which gets propagated into the position solution. If the errors are systematically different for the different simultaneous pseudoranges, as is typically the case when trying to correct for ionospheric and tropospheric effects, these errors propagate into the receiver solution in a way that is fundamentally different from the way that random errors propagate. So in addition to dilution of precision, we need a companion measure of systematic effects. In this month’s column, we introduce just such a measure. read more

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